Thursday, December 6, 2012


Attn Members:
As we are growing, we would like to remind everyone of some of the gym rules:
1. Always introduce yourself to newbies
2. Always clean your area and put away all equipment
3. Please let the coaches coach. It's ok to answer simple questions but when it comes to details, find a coach. This is for safety and legal reasons! Please do not intrude on someone while they are lifting or WOD
ing. Once again, if you feel it's wrong, come ask a coach!!
4. If you have already worked out and you wish to do extra work, you may ONLY do so if there is space. The class at that time has first priority. If you notice there is no room, with all do respect, please go home. We need all the room we can get right now.
5. While the coaches are briefing warm ups and WOD's, please be quiet and listen. We really don't like to yell and we really don't like to explain something 50 times just because you weren't listening. If you understand the movement, awesome, someone else may not.
We appreciate all of you greatly and we want everything to run smoothly with minimal chance of injury. Please help us keep it that way!