Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Find Banded Bench Press 1 RM (Use the same bands that you use for Dynamic Day)

Accessory: 1a) 2x12 Tate Press
1b) 2x12 JM Presses
1c) 2x20 Rear Delt Raise
2) 100 Banded tricep press downs
3) 50 Weighted Abs

Fe Gamers
Power: 9x3 Banded Bench Press (50% of floor press 1 RM bar weight + 30% band)
Accessories: 1a) 3x max rep weighted pull up (25/15)
1b) 3x10 one arm DB rows
1c) 3x10 Incline DB Press
1d) 3x20 Rear Delt Raise
2) 50 weighted abs