Friday, April 18, 2014


10:00 to find your 1 RM conventional Deadlift off 2" blocks

1a) 2x10 hip bridges
1b) 2x10 weighted lunges

How high up the ladder can you go in 6 minutes of:
R/L KB snatch (1.5/1)
KB Swing (1.5/1)
Pistol Squat

*At 3,2,1 GO...1 Right Arm Snatch, 1 Left Arm Snatch, 1 KB Swing, 1 Pistol Squat (not one on each leg), 2 Right Arm Snatch, 2 Left Arm Snatch, 2 KB Swing, 2 Alternating Pistol Squats (2 total, NOT 2 each leg), ETC.  Score is last FULL round completed plus any extra work.