Monday, April 28, 2014


"So many want to be the "Best" or "Make It", but don't want to do everything that it takes to get there.  If you're not willing, then accept that you have a hobby and work hard at it.  I've trained on Christmas Day when necessary.  I've not "partied" or drank while in training.  I cannot recall missing training days for any other reason than being truly ill.  My training has been my priority.  I've diligently practiced humility, and would've punched my own self if I ever "showed off" or made it the "All About Me Show".  I'm in an individual sport but I'm committed to a TEAM and I follow through with my commitments and responsibilities to that team.  I have never built my training around my life.  I've built my life around my training, and no one can question that.  Some may say that's all selfish, but I dreamed of being great, and every choice I've made had this dream in the very front of my mind.  If you cannot look yourself in the eye and say that you've done everything it takes, do not be upset with the result, and the only finger pointed should be at yourself." ~ Laura Phelps Sweatt ~ professional powerlifter having broken world records 17 times.  She currently has the highest total of all time by formula, making her the strongest female powerlifter in history.

10:00 to find your Back Squat 1 RM

1a) 2x10 barbell hack squat
1b) 2x10 (total) barbell side lunges

8:00 Amrap
8 alternating pistol squats
8 toes to bar
16 double unders

Post WOD
For completion:
25 slam ball over the shoulder cleans (heavy as possible)