Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sweat FeST II

Sweat FeST will be hosted here on Saturday, June 14th starting at 8 a.m.

The registration page will be available soon.  Here is the info you need to determine which division you should be in.  Please register in your proper division, do not go down a division to smoke the competition.  If you are confused on which one you belong in, ask us or your coach.  Here we go....

Elite -
*You have competed in other Elite competitions and/or qualified for Regionals.
*Deficit handstand push ups
*Muscle Ups
*Snatch 1 RM (175/115) or higher
*Clean & Jerk 1 RM (270/175) or higher
*All advanced gymnastics, pistols, T2B, etc.

Rx -
*Chest 2 Bar pull ups, pistols, toes 2 bar, etc.
*Snatch 1 RM (155/105) or higher
*Clean & Jerk (225/155) or higher
*Head to the floor handstand push ups

"Tweener" -
*you can do SOME pull ups with no band 3-5 or more at a time
*Some toes to bar, sometimes you swing and they take a bit longer but you can fight through them.  Same with double unders
*Snatch 1 RM (115/75) or higher
*Clean & Jerk 1 RM (175/125) or higher
*Box Jump (24/20)

Beginner -
*Banded pull ups
*Single unders
*Some/No box jumps
*Snatch 1 RM (95/65) or LESS
*Clean & Jerk (115/75) or LESS

Rx Youth - AGES 9-13
*Pull ups with no band
*20 inch box jump
*Clean 75# or more
*Snatch 40# or more
*Handstand push ups to an abmat
*Able to do double unders, pistols, toes to bar, etc.