Tuesday, December 30, 2014


5:00 Amrap
5 push ups
1 rope climb

*Compare to 6-17-14

Post WOD
6 x 100 m sled walks

Tip of the Day
Do you wonder why you are not able to do rope climbs? Or why you are not better at them? Or why can you only do 2? The answer is in your lats.  Can you do a strict pull up? Can you do multiple strict pull ups? Can you do weighted strict pull ups? If you answered "no" or "a few" to any of the above questions, you have found your reason "why".  The better you are at strict pull ups the better you are at rope climbs.  The more strict, weighted pull ups you can do, the more rope climbs you will be able to complete without failure.  Work on building your pulling/lat strength and rope climbs will become a breeze.