Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sumo Deadlift 1 RM off of 2 inch blocks

2 Rounds
1a) 8 banded inverse curls
1b) 10 weighted step ups

7:00 Time Cap
500 m row
400 m run
25 burpees
Max rep KB swings

*Score is Burpees + KB swings
*Courtesy of CrossFit Evolution's Iron Curtain V

Post WOD
100 banded hamstring curls

Tip of the Day
This WOD is a fast breather for sure!  A few tips to optimize your performance, first, start running as soon as possible once the row in complete.  Resist the urge to walk and force yourself to start running.  When you come in the door, hit the deck and do not stop working on the burpees.  It's only 25 and you can catch your breath on the KB swings.   Let's race!