Monday, February 9, 2015


9 x 3 banded bench press @ 50% of floor press 1 RM + (red/orange)

2 Rounds:
1a) 1 min static bench press hold (with a bare bar and bands still on the bar, slowly lower the bar but never touch the chest and never lock out.  Hold in bent arm position)
1b) Max rep strict pull up or ring row

For Time:
30 burpee muscle ups

*Scaling option 1 - 30 burpee chest to bar
*Scaling option 2 - 30 burpee pull ups (no bands or boxes)

Post WOD
100 band pull aparts

Tip of the Day
Most of you read our WOD today and probably laughed and went straight to the scaling options.  In order to achieve your first muscle up, you should be able to accomplish chest to bar pull ups and ring dips first.  When you gain strength in those two movements, you will be able to practice for your muscle up.  Once your strength is there, we can discuss grip and timing for the rings and the bar.