Friday, May 1, 2015


How high up the ladder can you go in 8:00 of:
1 front squat (115/85)
1 shoulder to overhead (115/85)
1 pull up
2 front squat
2 shoulder to overhead
2 pull ups
Keep increasing by 1 rep each round until the 8:00 is up.
*Score is last full round completed plus any extra work.  (For example if you complete 8 front squats, 8 shoulder to overhead, 8 pull ups and then do 2 more front squats, your score is 8 + 2)

Post WOD
800 m sled walk
(200 fw - 200 bw - 200 fw - 200 bw)

Tip of the Day
Having a good front squat can be as simple as fixing your front rack position.  When you squat, are your wrists inside your elbows (close to your shoulders)? If you said yes, this is a very weak position.  It will cause your elbows and chest to drop during the squat, and your back to round out of position.  Spread your hands apart so that they are outside of your elbows (external rotation).  This will bring the elbows up, engage your lats, and fix your back position.  Happy front squatting.