Friday, May 29, 2015


How high up the ladder can you go?
2 KB snatch (1.5/1) (1 right/1 left)
2 Double unders
*Rest remainder of the minute
4 KB snatch (2 right/2 left)
4 Double Unders
6 KB snatch (3 right/3 left)
6 Double unders

*Continue increasing by 2 reps every minute until you cannot complete all the work for that minute.  Score is last successful round completed plus extra reps

*Compare to 3-13-14

Post WOD
600 m sled walk

Tip of the Day
EMOM's are tricky.  They like to sneak up and smack you in the face unexpectedly.  Move consistently and use your rest to your advantage.  Get your breathing and your heart rate back under control during the rest for as long as you can.  This will help keep you calm in the later rounds.

***THANK YOU to everyone that purchased an "Operation Red Wings" shirt.  The Ferrum family raised $1,100 for the "All In All The Time" Foundation!