Thursday, June 18, 2015


3 Rounds:
1a) :30 Ring Stability hold
1b) :30 Handstand hold
1c) :30 Hollow rock hold

For Time:
Row 2,000 meters

*Every 200 meters you must stop and complete 15 sit ups.  The WOD ends with sit ups.
*If your rower shuts off while completing your sit ups, you must start over.
*Compare to 10-8-14

Tip of the Day
Gymnastics stability holds are an excellent way to gain strength for movements that you struggle with.  When you first start in the holds, you might find yourself a bit wobbly.  The more you practice those holds, the easier they will be and the more complicated you will be able to make them.  For example, the handstand hold will transfer well into your free standing handstand.