Thursday, July 30, 2015


"Tabata This"
20 seconds of work - 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds of each:
Cals on rower
pull ups
sit ups
push ups

*You will do 8 rounds of squats and then get a 1 minute break to transition to the rower, etc.
*Score is your WORST round for each movement.  You will have 5 scores that we will add together at the end.

Tip of the Day
The idea of Tabata is to go all out on every round.  Do not be "that" guy that has a bad round and then does the minimum number after that.  If you have a bad round, get mad and try to get your number back up the next round.  You'll never get better doing less work that what you're capable of producing.  #truestory