Monday, October 5, 2015


1) 10 x 2 box squat @ 55% of 1 RM + 25% band tension (blue/red)
     -On speed work day, sit to a box that is a bit lower than your 1 RM box
2) 8 x 1 banded deadlift @ 50% of 1 RM + 30% band tension

2 x 25 banded oblique twists

How high can you go in 12:00 of:
Power Clean (155/105)
Alternating pistol squats
pull ups

*Your score is your last full round completed plus any extra work (10+5).
*For the pistols, 1 right + 1 left =2.

Tip of the Day
Box squatting is a very effective strength training tool. It helps build the posterior chain and puts less pressure on the knees.  On your dynamic effort days (speed days), try to sit to a box or bench that is an inch lower than what you would do on your heavy day.  This adds variance to your training.