Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Wide grip bench press with reverse bands (2 single red bands)

2 Rounds:
1a) 12 chest supported flat bench DB rows
1b) 15 flat bench DB lat pull overs

Death by Snatch and push ups:
min 1: 1 Hang power snatch (95/65) + 5 push ups
min 2: 2 Hang power snatch + 5 push ups
min 3: 3 Hang power snatch + 5 push ups
etc. until you cannot complete all of the work in 1 minute
*Score is last full round completed plus extra work.  If you finish the round of 6 snatches and then do 4 snatches in the next round your score is (6+4)

Tip of the Day
Gymnastics are hard.  They are all about proper body position and kinesthetic awareness.  The push up is a skill that very few people pay attention to.  When done properly, the push up can benefit your entire body.  Focus on driving your toes into the floor, squeeze your quads, glutes, and abs, place your hands in line with your sternum, and press.  If you are an athlete that arches their back on the way up, lifts your feet off the floor, or has their hand placement too near your face, you need to work on your skills.