Friday, February 12, 2016


1) Back Squat 10 x 2 @ 70%
2) Banded Conventional Deadlift 8 x 1 @ 50% + 30% band tension

2 Rounds:
1a) 10 per leg weighted step ups
1b) 10 banded inverse curls

7:00 Amrap
*Touch a target 6" above your standing reach if you want to compare your score to 12.1

Tip of the Day
Think about your "100 burpees for time" score and apply it to this WOD.  If your time for that WOD is just over 7:00, kick it up a notch and try to get 100 or more.  If you are touching a target on every rep, you are going to be surprised at how many reps you will be able to do in 7:00.  The 6" target is a game changer.