Monday, February 15, 2016


8x3 banded push jerks @ 50% + 25% band tension (red/orange)

1a) Max rep close grip push ups to a 2 board + weight vest
1b) 15 DB tate press

For Time:
Box Jump (24/20)
Alt. Pistol Squat
Handstand push up (Rx+ Deficit)

Tip of the Day
The Open starts next week.  If you have not signed up, the link is on the side of our page.  We highly recommend that everyone participate.  It is 5 weeks of workouts that you can complete in our own gym.  They will have 2 different WOD options, Rx and scaled.  This is an awesome time to experience our awesome community world wide and to do your first competition without having to leave the gym.