Monday, April 18, 2016


8 x 3 banded bench press @50% of floor press 1 RM + 30% band tension (red/orange) (3 wide - 2 middle - 3 close)

2 rounds:
1a) 10 strict pull ups
1b) 20 banded lat pull downs

11:00 Amrap
100 Double unders
11 Burpees
100 Sit ups
11 Toes to bar
1 Squat Clean (225/155)

Tip of the Day
Bench press is a very intense pressing exercise.  In order to keep your body in balance, bench pressing is paired with pulling exercises.  If you create an imbalance in a muscle group, you will notice you will start to have joint issues where those muscle groups are involved.  If you are constantly pressing and you shorten the front, causing a rounded shoulder, you will notice that you develop rotator cuff issues.  Left unfixed, those issues become major problems!  Pressing is always paired with pulling, making you a more well rounded athlete.