Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Tabata super man's

10:00 EMOM
1 Bear Complex (135/95)

For Time:
cals on rower
sit ups
*Complete 10 burpees after each round

Tip of the Day
Let's have a heart to heart about "core" work.  You will often see people that want a better stomach doing a lot of sit ups and ab work.  First of all, abs are made in the kitchen, not with sit ups.  Secondly, too many sit ups and other ab exercises can do more damage that good.  The psoas is a muscle in your abdominal cavity that joins your upper body to your lower body.  It is also the only muscle in your body that is in charge of extension and flexion.  Every time you hinge at your hip and then straighten, you use your psoas.  A messed up psoas can cause a number of issues with the leading issue being back pain.  So lay off the sit ups, do some supermans, handstand holds in the hollow position, and planks.  Oh, and eat cleaner!