Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Back Squat 1 RM

12 calorie row
9 handstand push ups
6 front squats (115/75)

*2 min rest between rounds
*Score is total working time (overall time minus 6:00)

Post WOD
2 Rounds:
60 m sled walk forward
60 m sled walk backward
*If it's raining 200 hamstring curls (either banded or with ankle weights)

Tip of the day
Your max lifts and WOD times are super important to keep track of as an athlete.  Not only do we base a lot of our percentages and wod scaling off of them, but they also tell YOU how much progress you are making.  If you are not tracking your stuff, there are plenty of apps to help with that.  You're not tech savvy?  An old school pen and notebook will work just fine.