Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Meathead Day

8 x 3 banded bench press @ 40% + 25% band tension (red/orange) (3 wide - 2 middle - 3 close grip)

1) DB Floor press 8 RM
2) 2 x 10 Inverted Ring Rows (feet on a bench if possible)
3) 2 x 10 DB chest supported rows
4) 2 x 8 Ring Dips (weighted if possible)
5) 100 DB side bends
6) 100 seated banded overhead tricep extensions

Tip of the Day
Weightlifting day is not an "active rest" day.  Today should be just as hard as Fran or Filthy 50, it's all in how you push yourself.  You will see the best results when your form is spot on, you push yourself to your max limits, and you fuel your body properly.  If one of these is missing, there will be little to no progress.  Focus.