Monday, June 6, 2016


Banded Box Squat 1 RM @ 25% band tension (blue/red)

For Time and weight:
50 power cleans @ 70% of 1 RM
*Work for 20 seconds: Rest 40 Seconds

Post WOD
100 total abs:  Athletes choice, can mix and match
(ab wheel, ab fall outs, sit ups, GHD, DB side bends, hollow rocks, v-ups, banded crunches, flutter kicks, etc.)

Tip of the Day
Band resistance, chains, accommodating resistance, what's the point?  By utilizing accommodating resistance, you can increase your strength by training your body to overcome lifting a heavier weight, without actually lifting the full weight.  The bands for today, for example, will deload as you lower and reload as you come up.  Your body will adjust to lifting the heavier weight that you are pushing up with the added band tension.  The next time you raw weight box squat, the number will increase.