Wednesday, June 1, 2016


120 Double unders
10 Clean and Jerks (145/100)
8 Burpees

*Rest 3:00 between rounds

Tip of the Day
Double unders are a sensitive subject.  When should you try them in a wod?  When should you do singles?  When should you practice them?  Here are some answers to those questions that keep you up at night.  If it's a wod with a small number of dubz like 10 or 15, try them.  If it's "for time" and it's a number less than 30, go for it.  However, when you hit the bigger numbers like 50, 100+ and you can only do 3 at a time, it's time for singles.  The only way to get better at double unders is to do them.  However, just like everything else, there is a time to practice and then there is a time to workout with intensity.  If you practice,  pick a few days a week for a small amount of time.