Wednesday, July 20, 2016


15 x 3 Banded Bench Press @ 40% of Floor Press 1 RM + 25% band tension (red/orange) (5 wide grip, 5 middle grip, 5 close grip)

2 Rounds:
1a) Max rep close grip push ups to a 2 board
1b) 8 DB Tate Press

5:00 EMOM
5 Overhead Squats (135/95)
*Max rep KB Swings (1.5/1) in remaining time
**Score is total number of KB swings
***Compare to 11-2-12 & 6-9-14

Tip of the Day
Can you really get a good workout in just 5:00?  That's where the "intensity" comes into play.  Just as part of our definition states, CrossFit is "Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, performed at High Intensity."  Your goal everyday should be to do your best, give it your all, and leave everything you have on the floor.