Friday, July 8, 2016


1) 10 x 2 Front Squat @ 70%
2) 8 x 1 Banded sumo deadlift @ 50% + 30% band tension

3 Rounds:
10 banded inverse curls with 2 second pause at the bottom

6:00 EMOM:
100 m sprint
*Max rep box jump overs in remaining time (24/20)
**You have one minute to sprint 100 m and complete the box jump overs.  At the top of the next minute, head out the door for the sprint.  Score is total number of box jumps.

Tip of the Day
When your score for a workout is dependent on a buy in, taking your time on that buy in is not an option.  You want to have a consistently strong run every round so that you can get that work out of the way and get to the real scoring test of the workout.