Wednesday, July 27, 2016


"Fight Gone Bad"
3 Rounds with a 1:00 break between rounds of:
1 min max rep wall ball (20/14)
1 min max rep push press (75/55)
1 min max rep box jump (20)
1 min max rep sumo deadlift high pull (75/55)
1 min max cals on rower

Tip of the Day
You have to have a solid strategy for FGB.  If your goal is to go as hard and as fast as you can on round one to achieve the highest score, you badly need to reassess.  I have seen a score something like 150-65-54.  That is a huge decline in power output.  If you want to achieve the best score possible, you need to start at a pace that you can maintain for 3 rounds. That might mean stopping with 5-10 seconds left in each round at the beginning.