Thursday, July 28, 2016


For Time:
400 m run
Then 4 Rounds of triplet:
5 pull ups
7 v-ups
9 Squats
400 m run
3 Rounds of triplet
400 m run
2 rounds of triplet
400 m run
1 round of triplet

Post WOD
4 x 25 banded good mornings with butt on the wall

Tip of the Day
Have you ever thought about your running pace during a multiple round running wod?  Besides saying "slow" or "torturous", how about picking a consistent time that you would like each run to be completed at.  For a wod with work in between the runs, maybe a 1:45 or 2:00 per 400 pace would be a realistic goal.  If you decide to  run the first 400 in 1:15, the next 3 might take you 3:00 each because you're going to be gassed.  Setting a consistent pace will also help your work in between.