Friday, August 12, 2016


Push Press 1 RM

For Rounds and Reps:
1) Death by push ups
5:00 REST
2) Death by hang power cleans (.75 bodyweight/.5 bodyweight)

*Compare to 12-23-14

*In minute 1, complete 1 push up.  In minute 2, complete 2 push ups.  In minute 3, complete 3 push ups.  Continue in this fashion until you cannot complete all the reps for that minute.  Your score is last full round completed plus any extra work.
*The same applies for part 2
*You will have 2 separate scores.

Tip of the Day
This WOD is about to majorly test your hang clean technique.  This is going to be a great practice of barbell cycling.  If you are a "muscle through" lifter, your arms are gonna be toasted!  If you know how to relax and fire your hip properly, you will last longer.