Tuesday, November 15, 2016


For Rounds & Reps:
Minutes 0-2: Complete 2 Rope climbs + 2 Front Squats (185/125) *
Minutes 2-4: Complete 2 Rope climbs + 4 Front Squats
Minutes 4-6: Complete 2 Rope climbs + 6 Front Squats
Minutes 6-8: Complete 2 Rope climbs + 8 Front Squats

Continue in this fashion, adding 2 front squats each round, until you cannot complete all the front squats in the 2:00 window.  Your score is last full round of front squats completed plus any extra work.
*Front squats come from the floor

*Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

Tip of the Day
Welcome to the mainsite!  CrossFit.com has a brutally elegant way of programming.  They always look fairly simplistic and suddenly, you find yourself lying on the floor, wondering what in the world just happened.  Today, be efficient!  If you are an over puller on the rope climb and use a lot of bicep and grip, the front squats are gonna get saucy, early!  Move fast on the rope and fight through the front squats.