Monday, January 2, 2017


There is NO 5 a.m. class today.  The rest of the day is normal schedule.

Front Squat 3 RM

2 Rounds:
1a) 8 Barbell Hack Squats
1b) 20 Snatch Grip Dimel Deadlift @ 70% of Snatch 1 RM

10:00 Ladder:
1 Devil Press (35/20)
1 Toes to Bar
2 Devil Press
2 Toes to Bar
3 Devil Press
3 Toes to Bar
4 Devil Press
4 Toes to Bar
*Keep adding 1 rep each round until 10:00 is completed
*Score is last full round completed plus any extra reps

Tip of the Day
Snatch grip deadlifts are extremely multi functional.  They can be used to overload your central nervous system to train the snatch, strengthen the hamstrings, and most importantly they strengthen the upper back.  The wider your grip on the bar, the more it targets your upper back.