Friday, January 13, 2017


5 - 3:00 Amraps:
35/25 cal row
Max rep burpees in remaining time

*REST 3:00 between rounds
*Score is TOTAL number of burpees

Post WOD
100 band pull aparts with palms facing up

Tip of the Day
The Open is coming!  Registration is open at The CrossFit Games.  This year, we are going to host the CrossFit Ferrum Intramural Games.  We will have 3 team captains, those captains will draft athletes (like fantasy football) from our registered roster.  Each week, your placement in your division in our region will be the points you contribute to your team.  There is an Rx and scaled version of the workout each week.  The team with the fewest points at the end of 5 weeks will be our games champ!  So if you are signing up, you need to have a good engine.  You need to be able to complete a lot of work and you need to be able to breathe hard!  Today is great training for the Open.