Friday, February 3, 2017


1)  8 x 3 Push Press @ 40% against bands (red/orange)
2) Find your Push Press 1 RM

1a) 8 Strict Pull Ups (against band tension if proficient)
1b) 12 Barbell Bent Over Row

5 x 200 m Run
*Rest 2:00 between
*Score is all 5 times

Tip of the Day
How can you become a better sprinter?  First, let me say that sprinting and running are almost 2 different sports.  Sprinting is explosive with a high power output and places high demands on your phosphogenic energy pathway, if your rest time is ample.  Running, a.k.a. long slow distance training, requires far less energy, a low power output, and hits your oxidative pathway.  Which one is better?  It depends on how much muscle mass you would like to maintain.  If you want to be lean, strong, explosive, fast, and more fit, add sprint internals to your life.