Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Ring Muscle Up

12:00 Amrap
12 Russian KB swings (2/1.5)
3 Burpee Ring Muscle Ups

*Scale is 6 Burpee Pull Ups

Post WOD
Mobility as a class

Tip of the Day
Why are the rings so much harder than the bar?  How come you can do bar muscle ups and not ring?  The reason is, the rings move.  There are things you can get away with on the bar, that you cannot on the rings.  On the bar you can swing really hard and pull with only one arm and get your right pec just high enough to lay on top of the bar and still get that muscle up.  On the rings, your technique has to be spot on and your shoulder stability on point.  You must be able to apply force to both rings at the same time to transition over and catch yourself.