Friday, April 21, 2017


Take 10-12 Minutes to Find your Floor Press 1 RM

Kipping Practice

5:00 Amrap
5 Cal Bike
5 Toes To Bar

REMINDER:  There will be NO afternoon classes today! We will be setting up for Sweat Fest.  Also, there will be no classes or Oly on Saturday.  Come out and cheer on your fellow athletes!

Tip of the Day
What is the key ingredient you need to see your body change rapidly?  Intensity.  People love comfort zones.  They are safe and easy and predictable.  When we start to get out of that comfort zone, we start to become very uncomfortable.  This is where we all make a choice.  You either choose to slow down and go back to comfort, or you decide that today is the day you want to be better.  Your call.