Tuesday, April 25, 2017


10:00 of Ring Work
- This work can be: ring stability holds, negatives, ring dips strict or kipping, ring pull ups, ring swings, or muscle up work

200 m run
10 Ring Dips
2 Rope Climbs

Post WOD
400 m sled walk
- This walk should be done at a weight that is unbroken with your heels on the ground, this will place emphasis on the hamstrings and posterior chain. Walking by pushing through your toes will fire up your calves and achilles tendons.

Tip of the Day
When doing your ring work today, think about which muscle group you are really using.  For example, if you are doing the stability hold focus on squeezing your lats as hard as you can.  This will keep you arms by your side and provide more stability on top of the rings.  If you are doing ring pull ups or muscle up work, work on your false grip which will emphasize more of your lats than your biceps.  Sometimes the proper muscle activation can be the key to success.