Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Push Press
Min 0-2: 5 Reps @ 50%
Min 2-4: 3 Reps @ 60%
Min 4-6: 1 Rep @ 75%
Min 6-8: 1 Rep @ 85%
Min 8-11: 1 Rep @ 95%
Min 11-14: 1 RM

5 Rounds For Max Weight Of:
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang Cleans
5 DB Push Press
5 DB Front Squats

*Each round must be unbroken
*Rest as needed between rounds
*Go up in weight each round.  Score is heaviest DB's successfully completed

Post WOD
3 Rounds:
:30 Hallow Rocks
:30 Superman Hold

Tip of the Day
Todays workout is really similar to yesterdays workout.  You're thinking, "How is that?".  Well, if you looked at yesterday and said, "That's it?" and then proceeded to cruise through your 500 m row like you were on a Sunday drive, you missed the point.  That row should have left you lying on the floor.  I've seen people get sick after an all out 500 m row.  If you are thinking about doing your 5 rounds and not pushing yourself to the point of almost failure, you are missing the point.  The last round today should scare you and have you way outside of your comfort zone.