Friday, May 26, 2017


Every 3:00 For 15:00 Complete:
3 Front Squats
*Go Up In Weight Every Round
*Finish With A Heavy 3 or 3 RM - No Fails

12:00 EMOM 
1) 12 total KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges
2) 12 Hollow Rocks
3) 12 Total DB Step Ups
4) 12 Double KB Russian Swings

Tip of the Day
Do not be fooled by today's workout.  If you choose weights that are truly challenging and if you think about proper muscle activation while working, today could be pretty exhausting.  Focus on a solid front rack for the KB's while driving through your heel on the lunge.  For the hollow rock, tuck your rib cage hard and squeeze your ears with your biceps.  The step ups will require the most focus.  Think about pulling yourself up with your hamstrings and glutes on the stepping leg as opposed to pushing off the floor with the opposite leg.  The double KB's on the Russian swings will hit your midline and posterior chain hard.

We will start our Summer nutrition challenge on June 1st.  We will have a small nutrition chat on this Saturday at 10:45.  All are welcome to attend!