Tuesday, September 19, 2017


3 Rounds:
:30 Hollow Hold
:15 Rest
:30 Superman Hold
:15 Rest
10 Push ups
:45 Rest

"Optimus Prime"
7:00 on the Clock
*Every minute on the minute complete 5 deadlifts (225/155)
*Max rep wall balls (20/14) in remainder of the minute
**Workout starts with WALL BALLS
**Score is total number of wall balls

*Courtesy of CompTrain Masters

3 Rounds:
1a) 60 m Front Rack KB Carry
1b) 25 Banded Good Mornings

Tip of the Day
You need to have an "unbroken" mentality today.  All rounds of the deadlifts should be done unbroken and you should have a goal of working the full minute on the wall balls, unbroken.  When it gets closer to the end and you find yourself dropping the ball, be in a hurry to pick it back up.  It is only seven minutes, go hard.