Thursday, December 7, 2017


3 Rounds:
1a) 1 minute plank (weighted if possible)
1b) 60 m KB overhead carry (right arm 30 m, left arm 30 m)
1c) 2 arm overhead weighted sit up (kb's or db's)

7:00 EMOM
25 Double Unders
1 Heavy Back Squat

*Go up in weight each round of the back squat
**Score is heaviest back squat lifted

Tip of the Day
The question on everyone's mind "how heavy should I go?"  Your coaches answer, as heavy as you feel that you are capable of going as long as you complete it within the time frame of the EMOM.  So today, we are going to test your ability to move weight in a slightly gassed situation.  You don't have all day to rest before the next heavy lift.  You are going to have to do your double unders, take a few deep breaths, and trust your strength.