Thursday, January 11, 2018


2 Rounds: 10 Reps each with a light weight KB of:
1a) Half Kneeling Windmills
1b) Arm Bar With A Press
1c) Rocked Back Quadruped Rotations
1d) Half Kneeling Halos

15:00 AMRAP
60 m Farmers Carry (50/35)
200 m Run
30 ft. Handstand Walk*

*Scaling option is 30 total shoulder taps on wall or with knees on a box

Tip of the Day
When scaling high skill gymnastics movements, people often neglect to think about the fact that the scale is ideally helping you to be able to do the full movement.  When you are on the wall or on the box, think about if you were actually completing the handstand walk.  Is your torso in a hollow body position?  Are your shoulder blades set and are you using your lats or are you feeling it in your shoulder joint more?  You always want to focus on your proper body positions weather completing the full movement or scaling back to improve yourself.