Thursday, January 4, 2018


5 - 3:00 Amraps
35/25 Cal Row
Max Rep Burpees in Remaining Time
*REST 3:00 Between Rounds
*Score is TOTAL Number of Burpees
*Compare to 1-13-17

Post WOD
2 Rounds:
1a) 30 per side banded oblique twist
1b) 30 V-Ups

Tip of the Day
The goal for today is to set a pace for the rower that you do not need rest before you start the burpees.  As soon as you step off the rower, do your best to just start.  If you need to pace the burpees, use the technique of catching your breath at the top.  Start picking up the pace with 1:00 to :30 left, after all, you get 3:00 of rest!