Tuesday, January 9, 2018


On a 25:00 Running Clock, 5 Rounds of:
Row 50 seconds, Rest 10 seconds
Row 40 seconds, Rest 20 seconds
Row 30 seconds, Rest 30 seconds
Row 20 seconds, Rest 40 seconds
Row 10 seconds, Rest 50 seconds

*Score is total distance rowed
*Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

For Completion:
100 hollow rocks
100 superman rocks
100 per side DB side bends
*Divide up however you wish

Tip of the Day
Rowing endurance will be a key strength to add to your utility belt for the Open.  Work hard on fixing your rowing technique!  Each round of this should have a different pacing.  Clearly, rowing for 50 seconds in an all out sprint is not a good option if you are only given 10 seconds of rest.  Find a pace at each interval that sets you up to make the next one just a bit faster.  If you know your 500 m pace, you could pace each round off of that.