Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Turkish Get Up
5 - 5 - 5 - 5

500 m Row
75 Double Unders

Tip of the Day
Lets talk programming and body composition.  Most people are under the belief of "eat less, move more".  Therefore we have a society that starts doing hour long, slow workouts and stops eating.  First, if you would like to have any muscle mass at all, you need to feed it healthy meats and veggies.  Second, the faster you move, the longer your metabolism burns fat after you workout.  For example, during a workout like Fran, your heart rate and respiration gets so high, that you go into a carb burning state.  Afterwards, however, when that heart rate and respiration drops, you will be in an elevated fat burning state for almost 2 hours!  If you go out and run a 5k, yes your heart rate will elevate slightly, but no where near where it does for Fran.  Therefore, your metabolism will only be in that elevated fat burning zone for maybe 20 minutes after your run.  Intensity is key to fat loss, healthy joints, and your overall longevity.