Thursday, February 1, 2018


Thruster 1 RM - Bar comes from the floor

"Tommy V"
With a partner:
For Time:
21 Thrusters (115/85)
12 Rope Climbs
15 Thursters
9 Rope Climbs
9 Thursters
6 Rope Climbs

*Both partners do all of the thrusters but may split the work on the rope climbs.  For example, person 1 does 21 thrusters, person 2 does 21 thrusters, they move to the rope climbs where person one does 6 and person 2 does 6. 

In Honor and Memory of:
Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas J. Valentine, 37, of Ham Lake, Minnesota, died in a training accident in Arizona, on Feb. 13.
We're asking the CrossFit community to make donations to the "Thomas J. Valentine Memorial Fund" in care of the Navy Federal Credit Union, Building 200, FTC Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, VA, 23461.

Tip of the Day
Cycling thrusters is a lot like cycling wall balls, similar movement, different equipment and finishing position.  Their cycling is similar in that if you have any deviance in the path of the equipment, you make the movement twice as hard.  This means that if your bar goes anywhere besides straight up and down, you're doing way too much work.  The shortest and fastest way from point A to B is a straight line so going around your head is definitely not an option.  Let your hips fire the bar off your shoulders to minimize the pressing and your thruster workouts will feel much better.