Thursday, March 1, 2018


NON - Open Athletes:
For Time:
2000 m Row
*Every 200 m, stop and complete 15 sit ups
*Workout ends with sit ups

Open Athletes
3 Rounds:
1 min slow row or bike
8 total spidermans
10 squats
12 KB swings
3 Rounds:
1 min slow row or bike
8 walkouts
6 push ups
4 box jumps / step down

Tip of the Day
If you have been working on changing your rowing technique, this is a great day to work on it.  With only 200 m at a time, it is short enough to practice your technique without losing a lot of time.  Often, people resort back to their old ways because they do not see results fast enough.  Be patient and give the new form some time.  You will become better for it!