Thursday, March 15, 2018


NON - Open Athletes:
For Time:
50/30 Cal Bike
100 Burpees

Open Athletes:
6 Rounds
1:00 Slow Row
8 Spiderman + Reach (total)
6 Inchworms
5 Wall Squats
:30 Samson Stretch
:30 Warrior Squat
6 Russian Baby Makers
10 Light KB Swings

Tip of the Day
What could be worse than biking and burpees?  Well, just biking would be one.  Anyway, for today, start out with a strong pace on the bike and then dial it back.  Get the calories ticking then slow it down.  You can alternate between a faster and slower pace to get through the cals quicker than trying to all out sprint and then die on the last half of the bike.  When you get off the bike, get your first burpee in as fast as possible.  Waiting too long starts a chain of negative thoughts.