Tuesday, April 3, 2018


3 Rounds:
1a) 5 Weighted Pull Ups
1b) 8 Close Grip Push Ups
1c) 8 DB Overhead Sit Ups

For Time:
Bench Press (155/105)
Cals on Rower

*The order of this workout goes 10 bench, 2 cals, 9 bench, 4 cals, 8 bench, 6 cals, 7 bench, 8 cals

Tip of the Day
Today will require just a bit of extra focus on your bench set up.  If you are proficient at bench and rowing, your lats and triceps will be the first thing you "feel".  If your traps are on fire, you are doing something wrong in both movements.  Make sure your shoulder blades are down and back and pinned to the bench.  The same goes for the rower.  Your shoulder blades should always be down and back.