Wednesday, April 18, 2018


1a) Max Rep Strict Pull Ups
1b) Max Rep Push Ups on DB's
1c) 20 Weighted Sit Ups

For Time:
30 Bupree Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)

Scale: Chest to bar or regular pull ups (no bands)

*Compare to 12-8-17 and 2-9-15

Post WOD
600 m Sled Walk

Tip of the Day
Transition time will be key in setting a PR today.  Eliminating footsteps on the way up and the way down could add up to a minute or more off your time.  Pay attention to where your hands and feet hit the floor on each rep and try to make every rep look the same.  As you get fatigued, do your best to save your arms on your burpees.