Friday, May 11, 2018


3 Rounds:
1a) 10/leg Lateral Step Ups (No Weight)
1b) 10/leg Single Leg KB Deadlift
1c) 10/leg Bulgarian Split Squats

7:00 to Complete:
Toes To Bar
Then: Max Rep Double Unders in Remaining Time
*Score is Time and Double Unders
*Courtesy of Train with JF

A Tip For Today
With the bulk of today's score being the double unders, there is no time for goofing off on the first half.  If toes to bar are not your thing and you do all of them one at a time, scale them to a movement that will make you better at toes to bar and increase your intensity.  By taking a short workout like this and breaking it up that much, you are missing the desired stimulus.  Scaling does not mean "weak", scaling means building strength through a particular range of motion to increase you work capacity later.