Tuesday, May 22, 2018


10:00 EMOM
Min 1 - Handstand Practice (Holds, Shoulder Taps, Walking)
Min 2 - Muscle Up/Pull Up/Kipping Practice

For Time:
50/30 Cal Bike
40 Lateral Burpees
30 Toes To Bar
20 Alt. Pistols Squats
100 Double Unders

A Tip For Today
Without sounding like too much of a nerd, I'm going to try to educate you on why you should go harder on the bike.  Did you know that your phosphagen energy pathway is fueled by ATP stored in your muscles?  Did you also know that this energy pathway is only working for short, explosive bouts of work under ten seconds?  Therefore, you can all out sprint for ten seconds and not exhaust yourself of glucose, which is the primary fuel source for your next energy pathway that will kick in.  Moral of the story, when you hop on the bike, give it your all for ten seconds and then dial it back to a comfortable pace.  If you want to sprint again, make the next one for five seconds with another round at cruising pace.  You might find you get off the bike faster by doing intervals such as this.