Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Front Squat
-Work up to a heavy set of  5 (4-5 attempts)

2 Rounds:
1a) 20 Weighted step back lunges
1b) 10 Per side suite case deadlifts

8:00 EMOM
Even - 7 Front squats @ 50% of front squat 1 RM
Odd - 2 Rope Climbs

A Tip For Today
Even though this is an EMOM with all the practice time you want in a minute, let's change our focus a bit today.  Let's pick up the intensity.  Let's see if you can make all seven front squats look exactly the same, every round, with the exact same speed and intensity.  For the rope climbs, can you get to the top in fewer pulls?  How?  Do bigger tucks.  By pulling your feet up higher and then standing, you shorten your distance to the top without pulling so much with your arms.